Organizational Process Design



The Project: Establish a portfolio to support one of a technology company’s largest clients, integrating the product team, client services and asurion2technology into a single, cohesive unit to improve business agility and provide world class support to the client.

My Role: Overall portfolio lead responsible for portfolio management and IT software delivery.

The results: Team provided the model for other client portfolios to emulate.  Recognized as team that “gets it done” in a very short period of time.


World Fighting Championships


The Project: Small, start-up company with talent but no clarity on roles.

My Role: Design roles and responsibilities for each team member, design a repeatable process for managing all aspects of delivering a Mixed Martial Arts event.

The results: Enabled the company to grow the size of their events from 1100 seats to well over 10,000 in less than 6 months.


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