Strategic business decisions often require complex, high-impact changes to software systems.  What makes these different is that they have little chance of success unless you are able to align the key stakeholders on the direction and gain buy-in on the solution.  You need more than project management – you need leadership with change management skills.  With experience ranging from full-scale system replacements to new product introductions, let me help you implement your strategic programs.

You’ve all heard the theory that an Agile team should be no bigger than what you can feed with a pizza, or at most, 2 pizzas.  In fact it was Jeff Bezos at Amazon that is credited with the notion of a 2-Pizza team, saying, If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.”  So how do you build a large-scale enterprise solution using the best of Agile methodologies when the basic tenets of agile team size and location are unrealistic?

Enterprise-level initiatives are usually not solved with an 8-9 person team.  You require several teams, usually in different locations, all working in sync with each other.  The expertise needed to run this team is much different. And the demands from the business are greater, with multiple stakeholders and competing priorities.  The answer to all of this lies in implementing a large-scale Agile solution.

Mergers & Acqusitions

Exciting times! You’ve made the decision to merge or acquire another company. Now what? For that merger or acquisition to deliver the business results you intended, you have some work ahead of you to integrate the two companies:

  • Business process
  • IT Systems integration
  • Team alignment and organizational structure
  • Culture alignment

With the expertise earned through several M&A projects in the telecommunications industry, let me help bring some organization and structure to your integration projects.

Organizational Design

When you recognize that your business is not operating as efficiently as it should, sometimes the answer lies in redesigning the teams’ roles and interactions rather than in automation.  The environment changes, the people change, and the goals of the business change. Adjust your business processes and help your team get clear on responsibilities for maximum results.

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