Verizon | MCI


The Project: Verizon and MCI Worldcom mergerverizon

My Role: Complete analysis and disposition of the systems supporting the sales process.  This included compensation, CRM, sales reporting & dashboards, product/promotion management and customer hierarchy management systems.

The results: Integrated cmci_worldcom logoustomer and product data, eliminated redundant systems and consolidated supporting processes into a single unified system.

GTE | Bell Atlantic

GTE/Bell Atlantic

GTE/Bell Atlantic

gte_logo_29186The Project: When GTE and Bell Atlantic merged to form Verizon, the FCC mandated that all data customers be movedbell atlantic into a new affiliate company in order to receive merger approval.

My Role: Steered the entire process, including staffing, hardware/software acquisition, business process design, legal review and compliance, data mapping, software development, testing and implementation.

The results: We executed the migration in rolling waves across the country as we received FCC approval in each territory.  As part of the process, we were able to recover several millions of dollars of unused equipment inaccurately allocated to inactive customers.


communicationWhen ever I found myself in a slump or things just didn’t seem to work the answer always seem to be in the basics. A great chef, master carpenter or champion athlete always seems to have a mastery of the basics. So let’s take a look at what this idea of selling really amounts to.

First: Sales is two people, a customer and salesperson, communicating with each other. The customer is communicating their needs, wants and results required. The sales person is trying to understand these so the issue can be solved by their product or service. Just think of this as two people getting together to help each other improve their situations.

Second: Customers purchase products and services for the results they provide. This can be a real challenge for sales people that have been indoctrinated that sales are all about their product. This means saving time and money, preventing problems, solving problems or creating opportunities; that’s what the customer is looking for. Your product or service is simply a way or method to get the results, so salespeople need to communicate these results to customers instead of the product.

Third: Getting into new accounts, selling new and existing accounts and servicing accounts is all about two people communicating. Getting into a new account is about communicating results that the customer could achieve and communicating it in their language. The selling part is listening, questioning for clarity and communicating the results. Servicing the account is continued communications about the results to date and additional results needed.

Fourth: If we take the selling process, the objection response process or presentation part of selling and take the words “selling”, “objections” and “presentation” away, guess what we end up with. The “Selling” process becomes a communication process that is used every day. The “objection” response becomes a conflict resolution process and “presentation” becomes story telling.

Take this idea of communications instead of selling and see what happens to your productivity. Ask yourself what the potential results of your product could be from your customer’s perspective. Now think about how that could best be communicated to your customers.

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