About Joanne Eckton

Joanne is a widely recognized expert in aligning teams to perform with purpose.  She brings the knowledge and skills that help business owners implement simple but time-tested strategies to get results faster and more efficiently.  Joanne has honed her skills in Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon and IBM, where she led large projects with team members from all around the world, steering them through the process from project initiation through completion.

While there have been astounding technological advances, the leadership skills within technology companies have not improved.  One of the most frequent questions heard when speaking at professional groups is, “How can I deal with my boss who wants to micro-manage me?”  It’s common knowledge that we promote our strongest technical resources into leadership positions but we don’t provide them with the tools and training they need to be effective as leaders.  As a result, the team suffers, the newly elected leader is frustrated, and the organization loses the technical strengths of the person they just promoted.

After working with local small business owners, she realized that so many have reached the point where the company is too large to function with just one or two people but the business owners have not had the training to effectively manage their ever-growing workforce.  Too often, employees are unclear about direction or simply in the wrong job, and productivity suffers.  The result is that business owners are faced with working 60-70-80 hours a week and results decline.  Joanne has the expertise to reverse the situation, providing strategies to increase productivity and lower costs significantly.

Joanne’s Personal Commitment: To ensure that my clients and my audiences feel like I am in their corner.  I am committed to providing them with the support they need to identify the root causes of performance problems, define the path to resolution, and align the right people and processes to deliver results.

Joanne’s Mission: I am passionate about helping others find happiness and meaning in their professional lives. Today’s economy has many sticking in jobs they hate, that suck the energy out of them daily.  By helping business understand the simple changes they can make to improve team performance, my clients will not only improve their business results but also impact the lives of many.

Finding Your Mojo

what is mojo?

Most people drift from day to day, doing what others expect of them and not setting their own direction.  To achieve success, truly unstoppable success, you have to live a life with passion, with mojo.  To find your mojo, look inside yourself for the answers to three questions and then chart a reality that puts you dead center in the intersection of all three.

  1. What are your talents?
  2. What do you enjoy doing?
  3. What do you see as your purpose in life?

If you enjoy what you are doing, have the skills to do it well, and it fits into your world view of your purpose in life, then you have mojo.  You will achieve amazing success because you have just defined success in your own terms.  Now define your goals and you have a blueprint for living a life with passion, remarkable and unstoppable.

With more than 80% of workers unhappy with their current job, businesses are challenged to drive performance to achieve business objectives.  I help business owners drive cost out of their business by getting staff engaged and motivated through alignment on a core vision and clarification of accountability and business processes.  We also help teams discover core values, lay out a development plan and get clear on a set of steps to take to get moving towards their personal and team goals.

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